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Simplify your testing

Easily generate fake data for populating your mockups and testing your applications

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APIs are coded in Javascript and are very easy to make! Check out the documentation or follow our API walkthrough to learn how to start making your own APIs!
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Fast & Powerful

With user snippets & libraries like Faker along with a complete programming language, you have full control over the output of your API.
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All of our pricing plans are affordable and yours for life. Pay once, own it forever!
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Offline Generator

No internet? No problem! Thanks to the RandomAPI NPM module, you can use your own machine to generate your APIs locally.
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An easy to use implementation, clean interface, and RESTful API make RandomAPI simple to use in all your applications.
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Snippets are shared pieces of code that make up a big part of RandomAPI. If you've made a function that helps generate data, publish it for others to use!
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How can RandomAPI help my testing?

Rather than "John Doe", "User 1", "User 2", etc., you can generate random data that is custom tailored to your app that gives it a more realistic preview to how your product will look in a production environment.